AAAA 1 x large Deutsche Kaiserin plant (EU only excluding Malta and Cyprus)

Original price was: € 150.00.Current price is: € 99.00.

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Plant is not in flower.

We are offering a huge plant from our collection, WITHOUT any spots. The plant is in a 19-20cm container and is approx 40cm long.
See photo for examples. We are offering in total 15 of our plants for sale.

The flowers are small, pink with white, an easy flowering plant. Like shade and not to high temperatures.

Each plant is Euro 99, each.

We ship to Andorra, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovvenia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Spain
Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Slovakia.

We do not ship this item outside the EU and also not to Malta and Cyprus. Its to big.
Its for the first time we offer some of our collection plants. This is completely free from spots.