Donation Registration Fee Frank Süpplie Epiphyllum hybrid (single)


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Donation Registration Fee for registering for Frank Süpplie hybrids
Your help is needed.

Registration of Eiphyllum hybrids is an expensive business. Well it sounds nothing just $ 5 for registering a new hybrid.
But if you grow so many hybrids as Frank does, it is a serious problem to get them registered. At the moment more then 2000
hybrids are waiting to get officially registered.

That is an amount no one can pay. So we need your help!
Support Frank Süpplie in registering as many of his hybrids.
Its easy, donate Euro 5 (minimum Euro 20), or a multiple of it.

Please help Frank Süpplie as he showed you so many fantastic hybrids in the past.
You can do that by ‘purchasing’this item. Payment preferred with creditcard as these are less costs then PayPal.
We use Euros so we askk Euro 5 here, as there are costs involved for the Paypal or stripe payment.

Your support will be randomly and not specific for a particular hybrid and it is just for making it possible for registration
new hybrids. You do not receive any plant or plantmaterial.

Frank did a lot for new hybrids in the Epiphyllum community, will you help him now?

Please note this is a single product when purchased our cuttings. If you just want to donate.
The donation minimum is Euro 20.
Unfortenately we cannot set the shipping charges. Epric will pay back eventuall charged shipping charges.

Preferred payment with creditcard.
If you want directly to donate: you can do with PayPal at, Euro 5 is the minimum and you can multiply that as much as you want.

Frank did a lot for developing new hybrids in the Epiphyllum community, will you help him now?

Anja Lemmens
assistent secretary board Epric Foundation