2020 edition: The Directory of Schlumbergera hybrids and species SOLD OUT

This is the ultimate ‘bible’for the christmas cacti lover:
‘The Directory of Schlumbergera hybrids and species’

All known hybrids (more then 1.400!) are listed with a description.

* species
* interspecific epithons
* interspecific genera
* culture of Schlumbergera ( english, francais, italiano, deutsch)
* How to use the directory
* Schlumbergera hybrids from A-Z (more then 1.400 hybrids!)

Its a publication every serious Schlumbergera collector needs to have. This is already the 18th edition!
Many new ones are listed for the first time.



‘An extra ordinary source of information’

Technical data:
138 pages
DIN A4 size (29.7 x 22cm)
text english
culture of schlumbergera text is in english, french, italian and german

shipment worldwide