Cakeplates Bing and Grondahl


Offered are 6 cakeplates from Bing and Grondahl
each plate is 15,4cm in diameter

The plates are made at Bing and Grondahl in the period 1952-1957.
They come as they are, very very good condition. No cracks, no rubbing of the guilding.
All are slightly different as they are all handmade.

The pattern is known as the kaktus pattern, the flower is Epiphyllum crenatum.
The pattern number is 28A.

These plates are extremely rare, there are several versions of it.
This one with the flower in the middle is even rarer than the rest.

This is your chance to obtain these beautiful dishes. They can also be hanged on the wall as we did.
Shipment to all countries. If you want to have it and you cannot order it (Australia, Japan, New Zealand) please contact us first.

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