Epiphyllum Adopt a Name # 55


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Did you always wanted to have an Epiphyllum hybrid named after a
relative , or something special or yourself . This is your chance.

For Euro 125 you can choose on the website a hybrid that you like and it will be
registered with that name.

Registration will be ready end of this year and you will get then a cutting
by mail ( not Australia and NZ, they will get a present).

The collection available is here listed on the webpage and will be
added if these are named.

You will support Frank Supplie with it to
continue the work he has done for the last 48 years

It’s easy go to the webpage www.epiphyllum.online , section donationas
and names . Purchase the plantnumber you want to adopt with your choosen
name. Give that name in the comments at your order.

Please note vulgarity names or names which already been used can not be registered,
names longer then 25 letters cannot be registered either.

The proceedings of the adoption plan are going to the registration fund of Frank Süpplie Epiphyllum hybrids.