Magazine: epi-flora part 1-6

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Magazine about epiphytic cacti & hybrids

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epi-flora # 1
A new hybrid, x Disophyllum ‘Tobias’
Epiphyllum: to bind or not
Two new Epiphyllum hybrids
History of Epiphyllum, Schlumbergera and Hatiora in South Africa
Commercial requirements for Schlumbergera hybrids
Epiphyllum Lotto
Rhipsalis pachyptera f. rubra, forma nova
Epiphyllum gallery
Werckleocereus glaber
Open Door Day EPRIC

epi-flora # 2
Selecting the right potting mix for epiphytic cacti
Hatiora x graeseri Michel Combernoux
Schlumbergera orssichiana gallery
Barriers in Schlumbergera breeding
A new hybrid xHeliaporus ‘Helga D’.
Importing Epi hybrids from the USA
New hybrids from epiphytic cacti
What is eating your plants?
Selection of motherplants for cuttings
Mealybugs threatment in epiphytic cacti collections
Aporocactus gallery
Rainbow gardens gallery

epi-flora # 3
Schlumbergera truncata Fogo Brazilian hybr. nov.
The giant white Swan, a very special Selenicereus grandiflorus remembered
Rhipsalis gallery
Epiphyllum growers from Europe: Thomas Jendrysiak
New hatiora hybrids
The breeding of new Epiphyllum cultivars
Epiphyllum gallery
New hybrids from epiphytic cacti
Once again: fighting mealybugs
Rainbow Gardens gallery

epi-flora # 4
Epiphyllum growers from Europe: Mike Haines
Diseases of epiphytic cacti: erwinia
New hybrids from epiphytic cacti
epi stories
New christmas cacti from Canada
New epi hybrids
Roor mealy bugs
Rainbow Gardens Gallery

epi-flora # 5
Margaret mee and the moonflower
Rainbow Gardens gallery
Strophocactus wittii
Epiphyllum gallery
New hybrids epiphytic cacti
The Botanical Garden Bonn

epi-flora #6
x Disophyllum Frühlingsrauschen
Schlumbergera Samba Brasil
New, or is it?
Schlumbergera gallery
Trichocereus arboricola
Schlumbergera Parana Brasil
Investigation into the quality of epiphytic cacti at nurseries, part 1
Epiphyllum gallery
New registered Epiphyllum hybrids