President Joe Biden


Flowersize/Blütendurchmesser: L-XL

Grower/ Züchter: Frank Supplie

Year named/Benannt im Jahr: 2020

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May we introduce to you the newest Epiphyllum hybrid by Frank Supplie:

Epiphyllum President Joe Biden

Epiphyllum President Joe Biden is a lovely Epiphyllum hybrid which has irregular light yellow large flowers of 22-24cm in diameter. The flower petals are serrated.
The flower petals look if they are made of silk. This hybrid has an upright growth and can reach a height of 60cm.
The branches are flat or 3-angled and the areoles are felted.

As already mentioned the flowers are irregular. Meaning that there is not a symmentrical flower. Frank Supplie has chosen this hybrid to name it President Joe Biden.
The reason is that the form of the flower, irregular, will give a view on the coming time to be president-elect or later president:
irregular and facing a lot of problems created by his predecessor.
That is the reason why I choose this hybrid for carrying the name of the new President of the United States, according to Frank Supplie.

Epiphyllum President Joe Biden is a cross between the Epiphyllum hybrids High Hopes x Epiphyllum Dr. Rudi Dorsch.
Epiphyllum High Hopes is a hybrid from Fort and O’Barr, USA, and was named in 1958. (Parentage of High Hopes is Edah x Pride of Bell)
Epiphyllum Dr. Rudi Dorsch, is a Helmut Paetzold, Germany, formerly GDR) hybrid and was named in 2000. (Parentage of Goldi Paetz x Alfred Paetz)

Its a beautiful hybrid crossed, raised and named by Dutch Epiphyllum grower Frank Supplie. Limited qty of cuttings are available.

We have also put a photograph of the registration form of this hybrid by the ESA: so just as in elections you can check that the ballot to name it President Joe Biden is completely filled in. 🙂