Private Dancer


Flowersize/Blütendurchmesser: L

Grower/ Züchter: Frank Süpplie

Year named/Benannt im Jahr: 2019

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This is such a beautiful flower. The colour chnages somewhat during the season. The first flowers are more yellow orange and the later ones this colour. Its a large flower and the plant looks like one of the parents, King Midas, but missing the spines we all love so much-lol-.
It is an attractive growing plant. Not difficult in culture and can also grown in the summer outisde.

Named after the song of Tina Turner: ‘Private Dancer’, when it first bloomed at the nursery it was on a Sunday when nobody was there except the creator. Due to airmovement in the greenhouse the flowers did move a little bit and on the radio the Tina Turner song was playing.So here is our own ‘Private Dancer’