Rudolph Moshammer


Flowersize/Blütendurchmesser: L

Grower/ Züchter: Frank Süpplie

Year named/Benannt im Jahr: 2017


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Clown hybrid (Clown x Jicaro)

Rudolph Moshammer: born in Bavaria, he became a flamboyant fashion designer to the stars.
He opened his boutique in Munich’s most expensive street, Maximilianstrasse, in 1967 where he offered his extravagant fur, cashmere and silk garments.
He built a reputation for the extravagant clothes he designed and wore, and was well known on Germany’s celebrity circuit.
Moshammer established a foundation for the benefit of Munich’s homeless in response to his experience watching his formerly well-to-do father sink to the depths of alcoholism and then suicide, as well sponsoring an alcohol treament center.
A life-long bachelor, he was extremely close to his mother and published a book titled “Mama und ich”.
Often heavily made-up and wearing a wig of swept back jet black hair with a small lock hanging to his forehead, he was instantly recognizable alongside his constant companion Daisy, a Yorkshire terrier.